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Show and Tell

Tell: Behind the Artwork

In July I had the absolute delight/pleasure/privilege/luck of attending a plein air workshop at the Florence Academy of Art. Earlier this year, I was lamenting to my Mother about how college – or, full-time learning without the cumbersome responsibilities of adulthood – is wasted on the young. Oh the things I would do differently! How […]

Just back from…Florence Academy of Art

Around this time last summer, I was getting sick at the sight of my apartment walls. We were several months into work-from-home, social distancing and self-quarantining, and I (like so many others) was getting stir-crazy. I also starting to feel the added pressure and elusive unattainability of “constant creativity.” As a new full-time artist, I […]

Introducing The Key Collection

Tell: Behind the Artwork

Earlier this month, I released my final matchbook print of the year – The West Village Collection! I am extremely excited about this print because: 1) The West Village brings up my most cherished dining memories in New York. Im definitely not alone in feeling that the neighborhood is synonymous with varied & excellent dining […]

Behind the West Village Collection for ROAR

Tell: Behind the Artwork

Matchbook Prints

On June 17th we launched out first Matchbook Print Collection. Three collections and countless Make-Your-Own-Prints later, I’ve received so many DM’s, comments, and emails about how they were being used, who they were being gifted to, and why those restaurants were chosen, that I compiled a list of The Best Reasons To Give A Matchbook […]

How to use your Matchbook Prints

Tell: Behind the Artwork

I started painting matchbooks after listening to a podcast about getting “un-stuck.” I was feeling anxious about the long term health of a commission-based art business, and found myself spending more hours googling [depressing] industry statistics than actually painting. The podcast (which I should probably note, falls in the “arts & creative business” category) suggested […]

Behind the Matchbook Print Project

Studio News

A collection of idioms I’ve heard a lot about the man my Father once was. In fact, most of my own identity is comprised of idioms alluding to genetic similarities recited to me by family members and their well-intentioned friends. “You could draw before you could talk…or walk!” “You are the spitting image of your […]

Why I Started My Father’s Daughter

Tell: Behind the Artwork

We have a bit of a problem on our hands. Alzheimer’s Disease is devastating the lives of MILLIONS of people. Yet somehow…the disease and organizations fighting it remain largely in the wings. Maybe its because Alzheimer’s victims are, more often than not, elderly (except for early onset – which deserves its own blog post). Maybe […]

What you need to know about Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia


It’s 1892. A lawyer and inventor by the name of Joshua Pusey submits a patent for a folded piece of cardboard, carrying matches and a striker inside of it. He called his invention, “flexibles,” most likely due to the fact they could easily slide into a suit pocket with little evidence of their presence. By […]

A Brief History of Matchbook Collecting

Tell: Behind the Artwork

My Father's Daughter Website Redesign

The story behind my branding photoshoot Before I started redesigning my website, I already knew I needed to make some major changes to push my online presence from side-gig to professional. I had zero consistency when it came to branding, and my official “headshot” was taken using a stack of books and self-timer (not to […]

What’s in a [name] headshot?