I am the “product” of two art aficionados - a museum curator (my Mom), and a graphics and exhibition designer (my Dad). Drawing has always been my inherited second-language, my source of comfort and my only contact sport. ;-)

When I was in middle school, my Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. As the illness progressively robbed him of his physical and verbal abilities, he continued to communicate on paper through whimsical doodles and beguiling drawings until his final days. He died in February 2012. 

One of the legacies he left behind were dozens of leather bound sketchbooks. In them, he chronicled his world travels and creative thoughts via illustrations, and tucked away favorite wine labels and hotel business cards. He scribbled notes about people, food and sometimes, his traveling companions. Even though my father is gone, I can still find him in this bounty of delightful, personalized drawings. 

I started My Fathers Daughter Designs in 2019 as a way to honor his memory, while also preserving your memories in the way he taught me - through art.  A percentage of any order you place is being donated to the Alzheimer's Association with the hope that some day, there might be a cure.  

I'm Tess, the artist behind
My Father's Daughter Designs.