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Tell: Behind the Artwork

On June 17th we launched out first Matchbook Print Collection. Three collections and countless Make-Your-Own-Prints later, I’ve received so many DM’s, comments, and emails about how they were being used, who they were being gifted to, and why those restaurants were chosen, that I compiled a list of The Best Reasons To Give A Matchbook Print (yes, all capitals. I am very excited).

As a Housewarming Gift

This watercolor illustration of Motel Morris’ matchbook was commissioned as a housewarming gift for a couple who met at Motel Morris and just moved in together.

Motel Morris Matchbook Print
Originally painted in watercolor, this Motel Morris Matchbook Print now lives in the couples new home!
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As an Anniversary Present

Ah, the magic of a first date. Chances are, it took place in a bar or restaurant. Even if it didn’t, I bet you and your significant other have a list of go-to spots that have gained special status over the course of your relationship. Call me biased, but there is nothing better than receiving a gift that was created just for YOU.

Custom anniversary gift with restaurant matchbooks
This custom matchbook print was commissioned as an anniversary gift for a couple. Each hand painted matchbook comes from a restaurant with significance to the couple – starting with Pulqueria, which is where they had their first date. Other special restaurant matchbooks included in this custom gift: Carbone, Minetta Tavern, Lilia, Crown Shy, L’Artusi, Via Carota, and Pizza Loves Emily!

As a Going Away Present

2020 has been one giant curve ball (understatement…) With so many people relocating and reevaluating their living situations due to the repercussions of Covid-19 on the workforce, it seems like everyone is moving! Swap out the big going away party for a custom illustrated matchbook print of their favorite restaurants & bars. Smiles (and tears) are guaranteed 😉

Watercolor Painting of New York Matchbooks
The Italian Collection features hand-painted matchbooks from some of New York’s most beloved Italian restaurants.
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Toro Matchbook
This [imagined] Toro matchbook was commissioned for a clients best friend who was moving across the country. The restaurant, Toro Boston, was their go-to spot for girls night.

As a Wedding / Engagement Gift (or Postponement Gift)

While Covid-19 definitely threw a wrench in many couples’ original wedding-day plans, it certainly has not stopped couples from getting engaged or celebrating in a more intimate setting. A framed print of their venue, favorite restaurant, or where they got engaged is a great way to show your support from afar.

Wedding Postponement Gift
This framed Ruschmeyer’s Matchbook Illustration was sent to a couple who met at the Montauk restaurant & hotel and got engaged there two years to the day they met (I’m not crying…you’re crying).
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Gurneys Matchbook
This framed Gurney’s Montauk matchbook painting was sent to a couple whose wedding was postponed due to Covid-19. As you can see from the response, they really appreciated the thoughtfulness 😉
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To Decorate!

I hate to admit it, but my boyfriend and I went a whole year and a half in our not-so-new apartment before we got around to rehanging our gallery wall and decorating our guest-room turned home office. With the amount of time we are spending at home, we finally had the time to truly curate our space in a way that makes it feels like OURS (#rentalwoes). Its probably not surprising that when choosing what to hang on our freshly painted walls, I went with custom pieces and original photography to give the space real personality. Our walls are now covered head to toe in happy memories – which looks as good as it feels.

Purchased a matchbook print for yourself or a friend? I’d love to know why those restaurants are special to you! Comment below or tag us on Instagram. You can find all framed and un-framed matchbook prints in our online shop.

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