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West Village Matchbooks New York City
The West Village Matchbook Collection

Earlier this month, I released my final matchbook print of the year – The West Village Collection! I am extremely excited about this print because: 1) The West Village brings up my most cherished dining memories in New York. Im definitely not alone in feeling that the neighborhood is synonymous with varied & excellent dining experiences; 2) A portion of proceeds from this print will be donated to ROAR NY- Relief Opportunities for All Restaurants – a fund set up by Robin Hood to distribute grants to restaurant workers that are facing unprecedented economic hardship as a result of COVID-19. When painting these matchbooks, I chose to include several restaurants that were forced to close for good after an incredibly difficult year. Matchbooks, for many, ARE memories – and Bar Sardine & Fedora will always be remembered in these keepsakes.

I’ve been getting a bunch of request for frames that will fit the poster-sized print, and rounded up a few below! If you’ve found one you like that isn’t included, comment below!!

Frames: What Size Should I Get?

For a 16×20 inch art print, you will need a 16 x 20 frame or 20 x 24 if you want to include a mat or give the print a bit of breathing room! For a more in-depth explanation of frame sizes, check out this post on Shutterfly. Here are a few of my favorites…

Framing to the Edge (16×20 frames)

Framing artwork to the edge is just as it sounds – the artwork will be flush with the actual frame. Because 16×20 size prints are considered ‘small posters,’ it can be difficult to find frames that aren’t your standard black, plastic poster frame. Most online retailers will have 16×20 frames with oversized mats (see below!). To fit a 16×20 print, simply remove the mat!

The ‘Wood Gallery Oversized Mat Frame – 16×20’ from Pottery Barn comes in a bunch of gorgeous hues. I have a few of these at home and love them! Find them here.

Vossington has an incredible frame selection. I haven’t used them personally (yet), but they look great! Find them here.

Floating Frames

Floating frames create a a border between the artwork and the frame itself, giving it a three-dimensional effect. Floating frames give the illusion the artwork is (you guessed it) floating inside the picture frame without touching it.

Floating frame examples from Pottery Barn

Both of these wood floater frames will give you a nice border around the artwork. Just make sure you order 20 x 24 (overall width is 21″ wide and 25″ long)! Find them here

Frames with a Mat

The most traditional (and what I offer for 8×10 prints!). Most frames already come with a mat, so make sure you search for a frame that fits your artwork/photograph size, not the total size of the frame.

I also have one black & one brass aluminum frame from CB2 at home and LOVE it. The metal is matte and goes with just about everything – perfect for a gallery wall. They also come in brushed silver, white, and walnut. You can find them here.

Found a frame you love that isnt on the list? Comment below!

XO – Tess

*Some of the products on this page are affiliate links, meaning I earn a (tiny!) percentage if you decide to buy them! In this case, I have tested all of these frames myself and would recommend them regardless!*

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