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Matchbook Prints

On June 17th we launched out first Matchbook Print Collection. Three collections and countless Make-Your-Own-Prints later, I’ve received so many DM’s, comments, and emails about how they were being used, who they were being gifted to, and why those restaurants were chosen, that I compiled a list of The Best Reasons To Give A Matchbook […]

How to use your Matchbook Prints

Behind the Artwork

I started painting matchbooks after listening to a podcast about getting “un-stuck.” I was feeling anxious about the long term health of a commission-based art business, and found myself spending more hours googling [depressing] industry statistics than actually painting. The podcast (which I should probably note, falls in the “arts & creative business” category) suggested […]

Behind the Matchbook Print Project

Behind the Artwork

It’s 1892. A lawyer and inventor by the name of Joshua Pusey submits a patent for a folded piece of cardboard, carrying matches and a striker inside of it. He called his invention, “flexibles,” most likely due to the fact they could easily slide into a suit pocket with little evidence of their presence. By […]

A Brief History of Matchbook Collecting

Behind the Artwork